In the earliest days of telephone technology, prior to the development of the rotary dial telephone, all telephone calls were operator-assisted. To place a call, the caller was required to pick up the telephone receiver, sometimes turn a magneto crank, and wait for the telephone operator to answer. The caller would then ask to be connected to the number they wished to call, and the operator would make the required connection manually, by means of a switchboard. We have come a long way since then!

The first known use of a national emergency telephone number began in the United Kingdom in 1937. In the United States, the push for the development of a nationwide American emergency telephone number came in 1957, and ten years later the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice recommended the creation of a single number that could be used nationwide for reporting emergencies. The Federal Communications Commission then met with AT&T in November 1967 in order to choose the number, 9-1-1.

While most citizens of the United States have become fully aware of the national emergency dial code, there is another offered through all major cell phone providers for connecting to legal assistance. From Personal Injury, to Criminal/DUI, to Family Law, to Estate Planning and everything in-between a simple dial of #919 will connect an individual with a state of the art call routing system that will identify a user’s general location and forward the phone call to a board certified, practicing attorney in good standing in their local area.

Dial #919 from your mobile device and get connected with a local attorney who can help! It truly is that easy!